I Have Moved!

Welcome to Trish Fotheringham’s original but now outdated Blog 

Trish has moved to a new much larger website at MoreThanAnIdea.ca

You can find everything that was on this blog and much more at the new Dissociation-related Resource Website: Trish Fotheringham’s More Than An Idea Educational Materials & Services.


At MoreThanAnIdea.ca you can:

Learn About Dissociation

Find Dissociation-related Resources

Purchase Trish’s Poetry Booklet

Check out Trish’s Dissociation Consultant and Educator Services

Download free Dissociation-related Informational Handouts

Get Definitions of Dissociation-related Concepts

View an 11 min. video of Trish reading The Moral of My Story

See Trish’s Professional Experience

Listen to Trish’s radio talk show interviews




5 Responses to I Have Moved!

  1. SJ says:

    Just watched your DVDs on Healing from RA and MC and wanted to sincerely thank you for sharing your healing process. You are truly a courageous, bright, wise, strong, compassionate and beautiful human being….your DVDs were very informative and inspiring. Thank you. With much respect, ol, broansis

  2. free2bwe says:

    Hi Trish
    Carol anne here, Thanks for this blog. Thanks for helping other survivors. I am proud of you for doing that. You are an inspiration!
    Carol anne

  3. David Free says:

    Great to see another good webpage exposing this criminality. As an Australian ra and paramilitary/govt mind control survivor Im pleased that this criminality is bein exposed everywhere it happens. Keep up the good work!
    David Free

  4. Thanks for the great blog and DVD.

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